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The full platform is powerful enough to manage institutional money, yet simple enough to understand. The basic platform gives you everything you need as an investor.

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PROPlus gives you that extra granularity for the confidence you seek as a full time investor.

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Around the time I registered for ChartLabPro and ProPlus, I had also registered on a trial basis to two other research platforms. My intention was to try all three, then after 3 or 4 months, keep only one. I’ve decided yours is the only one worth sticking with. The data you provide with ChartLabPro and ProPlus is unique. Also, you are the only one who seems motivated to continually evolve, improve, and enhance your platform. Maybe my best reason to keep ChartLabPro and lose the others is because I have actually earned a small profit tapping the platform’s resources, more specifically, in AAPL and NKE.

Sal De Stefano

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