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Do you want an investment edge?

If you are using the same information as the crowd you have no edge. Learn how to apply our models for the following:
  • Buid a repeatable 5 minute trend following process.
  • Quickly Identify sector rotaion.
  • Quickly locate trend following buying opportunities.
  • Learn when to buy and sell based on our process.
  • Learn what technical to avoid for maximum trend following gains.
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  • How it works?
    Our methodology is solely based on a quantitative approach. Through decades of gathering and testing empirical data; we believe pricing dynamics take precedent over fundamental analysis. Our proprietary algorithm is unique in that we do not use standard indicators that can be found in a typical charting package. It is our belief that using commonly followed tools such as Volume, MACD, RSI and certain Moving Averages provide little advantage to being profitable on a consistent basis.
  • Our Approach
    The approach is simple; we apply a 1 to 5 buy / sell rating to the allocation of Stocks and ETF’s as a potential filter to upside price appreciation. Conversely, as prices of these underlying issues become extended, we use our counter trend indicators to reduce equity exposure.

How it works?

Making the process easy for investors

Intuitive Call to Action

Our focus point is managing our downside risk while participating on the upside. In doing so, we start with a top down approach with the S&P 500. Members will be alerted on the home page of detailed analysis on the S&P 500 and specific action investors should take.

When the broad market is a buy we look to increase our equity exposure

We provide a number of scans and idea generation to help select the right stocks and ETF's
that have a high probability of moving higher

ChartLabPro.com monitors your watchlist and will let you know when it's time to buy
and sell both by email and visually through out the website.


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